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13 September 2018

Webinar FAQs

ABC Food Law Webinars: FAQs


General Questions


1) What are live webinars?

These are short presentations, typically one hour in duration each, which are broadcast live over the internet. The presenter is joined by attendees in a virtual training room and the webinar is delivered using power point slides.


Attendees are given the opportunity to ask questions during the session and provided with course notes and a CPD certificate.


2) What webinars are available?

Click here to see a list of upcoming live and available “on-demand” webinars.


3) How can you access the ABC Food Law webinars?

There are two ways that attendees can access our webinars:


Single attendance – you can book a place, just like any regular training course, on our website (www.abcfoodlaw.co.uk) . The typical cost is £30 + vat per person per webinar.


Subscription to ABC Food Law Online PLUS – An annual subscription costs just £195 + vat per person and provides access to all of our webinars as well as the existing online training courses. Subscribers can also view the webinars “on demand” at a time that is most convenient for them.


You can purchase subscriptions to ABC Food law Online PLUS here.


4) What are “on-demand” webinars?


We know that many of our clients are busy and unable to attend the live webinars so we record them and make them available to watch whenever it is most convenient.


We issue a CPD certificate once we have verified at our end that the whole webinar was viewed and this normally takes up to 7 working days after the webinar has been watched.


This “on-demand” feature is only available as part of a subscription to ABC Food Law Online PLUS.


5) Can you ask the presenter questions during a live webinar?


Yes, of course. There is a “chatbox” facility to ask questions during the presentation and at the end.


6) Are the power point slides available to download?


A set of delegate notes, which include the power point slides in pdf format is provided to every webinar attendee.


These are also available to download in the “library” section.




7) Can I access the webinars from any computer?


Yes as long as you have an internet connection, our webinars can be accessed using most internet browsers such as Internet Explorer and Safari.


A list of compatible browsers is available here.


8) Can the webinars be accessed using a mobile device?


Yes the webinars work very well on on i-pads, i-phones and Android devices. Just download the “Webinato” App and use that to login.


9) How can I check to see if my computer is compatible to use the webinar service?


Use the “Compatibility checker” HERE to check that your computer is suitable.


10) Is there any support available?


Yes our webinar hosts, “Webinato” provide 24/7 support which can be accessed here.




11) Are CPD certificates awarded after completing a webinar?


Yes, subscribers to ABC Food Law Online PLUS will receive their CPD certificates in their “Certificates” folder normally the day after a live webinar and within 7 working days of an “on-demand” webinar.


Each webinar provides 1 hour CPD.




12) How do I register for a live webinar?


If you are a subscriber to ABC Food Law Online PLUS, you can register for any upcoming live webinar, free of charge, by clicking on the “webinar” tab and then “register” button.


13) How do I register for an “on-demand” webinar?


Our on-demand webinars are only available to subscribers to ABC Food law Online PLUS. If you are a subscriber, simply click on the “on demand webinars” tab and then on the title of the webinar that you wish to view. Click on “play” to run the webinar.


14) Are there any penalties for non-attendance at a webinar?


No, there are no penalties for non-attendance on a webinar that you have registered for and no need to send apologies.


If you can’t attend and are a subscriber to ABC Food Law Online PLUS, simply watch the webinar “on-demand”.


15) When can I register for a webinar?


We publish a programme of our live webinars several months in advance and you can register at any time. It is helpful if you register at least a day before a scheduled webinar but you can do so right up until the scheduled start time.



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