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Evidence Gathering and Investigation Skills

Course Overview

Who should attend?

 This two day course is relevant to any local authority law enforcement officer including those working in:

This is a thorough introduction to the subject and so will suit those who are new to the area or are seeking refresher training.


About the Programme

The course aims to provide delegates with the skills required to undertake effective criminal investigations. The course will help delegates to:


The Programme

The programme has been designed to assist local government officers in the investigation of alleged offences and in the handling and presentation of evidence.

Day 1

Offences and defences.
Outcomes of criminal investigations
            Simple Cautions
            Code for Crown Prosecutions
            Abuse of process
            Burdens of proof
            Rules of Evidence
            Digital image evidence
            Use of notebooks
            Continuity of Evidence
Witness Statements
            Identifying witnesses
            Taking witness statements
            Officer statements
            Covert surveillance
            Covert Human Intelligence Sources
            Approach to surveillance
            Code of Practice
            Prosecution Roles
            Retention and disclosure of evidence

Day 2
            Police and Criminal Evidence Act
  PACE Codes
Interviewing Suspects
Conduct of interview
The Caution
Use of Interpreters
Interviews Continued (Practical Session)
Preparing a Prosecution File
Presenting Evidence in Court


Tutor: Dr Andy Bowles, Solicitor

Andy has many years experience as an investigator working in Environmental Health and as an Expert Witness in criminal trials.

He is author of "A Practical Guide to Criminal Investigations for Local Authority Officers". He holds a PhD in law and is a practising solicitor who conducts evidential reviews and prosecutes on behalf of local authority clients.


The Cost of £350 + vat (£420 inc vat) includes:


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