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12 February 2024

Subscription price increase

We are proud to have retained our subscription fee at the same rate for the last 2 years.

However, in order to both meet rising costs and fund more innovation in the online service, it has become necessary to increase our subscription fee.

Here are a few Q &As which you might find helpful:

1. When will the price increase take effect?

The new rate (£250 + vat per person) will apply to all subscription orders placed on or after 1st April 2024.

2. My subscription(s) are due for renewal later in the year, can I renew now to secure the existing rate?

Yes, you can renew subscriptions at any time, we simply add 12 months to the existing subscription period.

Any orders placed for subscriptions/renewals prior to 1st April will be at the existing subscription rate of £225 + vat per person.

3. Can I purchase two or three year subscriptions at the existing subscription rate?

Yes, there are no subscription period limits in place and so you may order multi-year subscriptions.

Any orders placed prior to 1st April 2024 will secure the existing rate (£225 + vat) for the whole subscription period.

4. If I purchase multi-year subscriptions, how can I manage staff changes which may occur during the subscription period?

Where subscribers leave the subscribing authority, their remaining subscription may be transferred free of charge to the new starter who takes over their post.

5. Are any discounts available?

No. We operate a "no haggle" policy which means that every subscriber pays exactly the same rate. There are no exceptions.

This policy has allowed us to maintain the current subscription rate for the last 2 years and to continue to develop and improve the online service.

6. I am recruiting now but don't have the full details of subscribers who will be in post after 1st April. Can I purchase subscriptions now and then activate them when the new staff start work?

Yes, it is possible to purchase "blank" subscriptions now at the existing rate. The subscription period will start once you have notified us of the subscribers' details.

7. We have a limited training budget and prefer to wait for the return of ABC classroom based regional training courses. What courses will be scheduled in the future?

We no longer provide classroom based training. All of our training is now delivered exclusively via the ABC Food Law online platform.

8. Are you likely to run webinars on behalf of the FSA or for food groups?

No, we will only provide training via our online platform to current subscribers to ABC Food Law Online PLUS.

9. How can I purchase subscription(s)?

Please click HERE.

Have further queries? PLease CONTACT US.

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