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10 January 2020

New webinar titles available

The three one-hour webinars provide a basic introduction to the field of food standards and will be ideal for those new to the topic or seeking to refresh their knowledge.

All three may be viewed by subscribers to ABC Food Law Online PLUS as part of our range of 52 "on-demand" webinars. 

Topics covered in the webinars include:

  • Introduction to food standards 1: Food additives, authenticity, food contaminants, residues and contact materials.
  • Introduction to food standards 2: Food information, composition, marketing standards, advertising and presentation.
  • Introduction to food standards 3: Organic food, food supplements, novel foods and nutrition/health claims.

In addition to the above, the service includes 1 hour webinars on a number of these topics.

For further details on our online training service, see our FAQs.

To purchase subscriptions, please click here.

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