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1 June 2018

More"On-demand" webinars available

An annual subscription to ABC Food law Online PLUS costs just £195 + vat (£234 inc vat) and includes access to all of our online training courses PLUS access to all of our live webinars PLUS access to all of our "on demand" webinars at no further cost.

Each webinar lasts approximately 1 hour and a CPD certificate is provided once viewed. Delegate note books are also available to ownload for each webinar.

Currently available "On-demand" webinars include:

Food Enforcement Courses

  • Approved establishments 1 Scope of approval 
  • Detention and seizure of food
  • Hygiene Prohibition Procedures  

Food Standards

  • A New Approach to the Regulation of Novel Foods 
  • Food additives 
  • Nutritional Labelling 

Food Technology & Microbiology

  • Canning of Food 1  
  • Meat Products 1 Preservation Techniques 
  • Meat Products 2 Common Processes 
  • Meat Products 3 - Technology 
  • Milk Pasteurisation 

General Food Courses

  • Acrylamide in food 
  • HACCP 1 Introduction 
  • HACCP 2 Principles of HACCP
  • HACCP 3 Audit of HACCP systems 
  • HACCP 4 Enforcement of HACCP 
  • Introduction to food law 
  • Traceability of food 

Imported Food

Inland Imported Food Control

Investigatory Skills

  • CPIA for local authority officers 
  • Evidence gathering for food offences 
  • Interviewing Suspects 
  • RIPA for local authority officers 

To subscribe to ABC Food Law Online PLUS please click here or contact us.

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