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23 March 2018

New webinar: Acrylamide in food


In this webinar, Dr Andy Bowles discusses the occurrence, significance and control of acrylamide in food.

Who is the webinar aimed at?

This webinar will be of interest to local authority food enforcement officers, consultants and technical managers working in the food industry.

What does the webinar include?

This webinar includes a discussion on the following topics:

What is acrylamide?

Why is it present in food?

What are the risks to consumers?

Which foods are of most concern?

Acrylamide and the law.

Guidance for food industry



About ABC Food Law Webinars

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Subscribers to ABC Food Law Online PLUS will be able to attend this webinar free of charge.

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All attendees will be issued with a CPD certificate at the end of the webinar.


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