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6 October 2021

100 + On demand webinars now available!

A copy of the on-demand webinar catalogue can be downloaded here.

On-demand webinar catalogue 

A subscription to ABC Food Law Online PLUS provides access to our library of pre-recorded webinars which may be viewed “on-demand” at any convenient time. Delegate notes and relevant supporting documents are available to download and CPD certificates are issued on successful completion of a short quiz.

A list of the webinars available under each category heading is provided below:

Animal Feed Webinars

             Introduction to feed law

             Feed Safety Management Systems in Food               Businesses

Approved Establishments Webinars

Approved establishments 1 Scope of approval

Approved establishments 2 - application

Approved Establishments 3 -Enforcement


            Audit of food safety and quality systems 1: Introduction

            Audit of food safety and quality systems 2: Documentation

            Audit of food safety and quality systems 3: The audit

Dairy Establishments Webinars

Dairy Products 1 Cheesemaking

Milk Pasteurisation

Dairy Products 2 Yoghurt

Dairy Science

Dairy Products 3 Ice Cream

Inspection of on-farm dairies

Food allergens webinars

Food allergen Labelling PPDS

Food allergens

Food fraud webinars

Introduction to food fraud

Preventing food fraud

Detecting food fraud

Investigating food fraud

Food hygiene enforcement webinars

Hygiene improvement notices

Hygiene prohibition procedures

Remedial action notices

Food hygiene rating scheme webinars

Introduction to the FHRS

FHRS practical application

FHRS appeals

Food information webinars

Mandatory food information 1

Mandatory food information 2

Food information improvement notices

Nutrition and health claims

Nutritional labelling

Food law update webinars

Food Law Update January 2021

Food Law Update June 2021

Food Microbiology webinars

Control of Listeria in Food Processing

E coli o157 Control of Cross Contamination

Foodborne viruses

Microbiological Criteria of Foods Regulation


Food sampling webinars

Microbiological sampling

Food standards sampling

Contaminants sampling 1

Contaminants sampling 2

Food science and technology webinars

Canning of food

Meat Products 1 Preservation Techniques

Meat Products 2 Common Processes

Meat Products 3 - Technology

Modern catering low temperature techniques

Shelf Life of Foods

Irradiated foods

Food standards webinars

Introduction to food standards 1

Introduction to food standards 2

Introduction to food standards 3

A New Approach to the Regulation of Novel Foods

Food additives

Food contaminants

Food standards enforcement notices

Food Standards Inspections Retail

Food Supplements

Organic food

            UK Geographical Indication Schemes

            Food enzymes

General enforcement webinars

Dealing with appeals against notices

Detention and seizure of food

Food enforcement notices general principles

General food webinars

Acrylamide in food

Animal by products

Food brokers

Introduction to food law

Traceability of food

Introduction to BRCGS

HACCP webinars

HACCP 1 Introduction

HACCP 2 Principles of HACCP

HACCP 3 Audit of HACCP systems

HACCP 4 Enforcement of HACCP

Imports and Exports webinars

Export certification

Introduction to imported food

Food exports

High Risk Foods Not Of Animal Origin

Inland Enforcement of Imported Food Controls

Introduction to veterinary checks

Import and export of composite foods

Investigatory skills webinars

Evidence gathering for food offences

CPIA for local authority officers

Witness statements

Interviewing Suspects

Giving evidence in court

RIPA for Local Authority Officers

Sentencing guidelines - food safety offences

Introduction to Law 1: The legal system

Introduction to Law 2: The Court System

Introduction to Law 3: Interpreting the law

Primary production webinars

           Primary production            

           Ready to eat sprouts and sprouting                             seeds

Product specific webinars

Bottled waters

Cocoa and chocolate products

Coconut Products

Food for Specific Groups

Fruit juice manufacture

Infant Foods

Jam and similar products

Spirit Drinks

CBD products

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