What is ABC Legal Labels?

ABC Legal Labels is a food label assurance scheme provided by ABC Food Law. 

The aim of the ABC Legal Labels scheme is to assure the legality of information provided by our members on their food labels and to give consumers the confidence to make the right food choices for them. It also aims to give food manufacturers the peace of mind that their approved products will not be subjected to enforcement action and potentially costly product recalls.

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How does it work?

Food businesses who wish to be part of the scheme submit their food labels to us for independent assessment. Once we have confirmed that the labels comply with legal requirements we issue a Conformance Certificate which permits the business to use our logo to demonstrate their compliance.


ABC Food Law Label

Why should you trust a product which displays an ABC Legal Labels logo?

We will only issue a Compliance Certificate if full compliance is achieved with our Technical Standard.


How to become a member of the scheme.

To become a member of the scheme for a given product and hence display an ABC Legal Labels logo you must hold a valid Compliance Certificate.

Application for a Compliance Certificate requires that we firstly carry out a detailed food label review and then verify that all aspects of relevant food information law have been complied with. Once this has been done, you will be issued with a Compliance Certificate.